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MASSAGES Solo or Duo : Aromatic oil massage

Thai Aromatic Oils Massage alternates smooth movements and the application of deep pressure, with tapping and friction movements for the relief of tense muscles. Kneading the muscles with palms is designed to relieve the effects of stress, and to re-balance the flow of energy around the body.

The effects of the oils used are are calming, purifying and ensure deep relaxation. Total well-being is ensured by the beneficial effects of the carefully-selected essential oils used in this massage, including Jasmine and Green Tea, as well as a specially desgned anti-stress mixture from the “Panpuri” range which is available at the best spas in Thailand.

Thai Aromatic Oils Massage is a relaxing combination, allying the virtues of the specially selected aromatic oils with the effectiveness of Thai massage, working on the flow of energy between energy points and along energy lines.

Aromatic Oils Massage is at the same time both relaxing and invigorating.