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MASSAGES Solo or Duo : Traditional Thaï Massage

Traditional Thai Massage - Nuad BO-Rarn - has itsorigins in Shiatsu, Indian Massage and Yoga..

The fundamental principles are based on the use of deep manual pressure applied to energy points and lines, known as ‘sen” ; 72000 of them are known in the human body. In practice, however, only 10 are used in Thai Massage. Thai Massage is the art of Touch. It uses deep pressure, precisely applied by the masseuse using her thumbs, knees and feet...

Pressure from the palms helps you relax and let go. The stretching movements involved in Thai Massage aid relaxation, revitalisation, the release of tension and make the body more supple..

Traditional Thai Massage is carried out lying on the floor, covering the whole body, starting with the feet and finishing with the head, in order to release “bad energy” from the top. Practised over thousands of years, Thai Massage is an invitation to awaken all the senses and achieve harmony of the mind and body. To round off the massage, a fantastic facial massage with hot towels. 

Traditional Thai Massage is not recommended for :Pregnant Women and people suffering from cardiac conditions or diabetes.